Words that Describe Grace Baptist Church

  1. Friendly ~ most first time guests say that we one of the friendliest churches they have attended


  1. Generational ~ we have a healthy blend of  all age groups


  1. “Going Forward” ~ we are progressing with:
    • A simple vision ~ “Knowing God, Loving One Another, Serving the Lord”
    • A Growing Congregation ~ expanding Sunday School and Worship
    • Building Expansion ~ we have a long-range plan to fully utilize our 3-acre property (click here to see our current Master Plan)


  1. Conservative ~ we have a “classical” feel in modern “packaging.”  Being conservative includes:
  • In the “Essentials” we must have “Unity,” in “Non-essentials” we have “Liberty,” and In “Everything” we practice “Charity (Love).”
  • We value relationship with God (through the Lord Jesus Christ)
  • We value relationship with One Another (loving other believers)
  • We value relationship in the world (reaching others for Christ)


We embrace biblical values that have been passed down through the centuries, yet we apply them in our modern settings.


5.  Musical ~ we enjoy singing to the Lord in praise and adoration, using a blend of classical hymns and more modern songs / choruses.


6.   Missions-Oriented:

  • We are participants of the national Southern Baptist Convention.
    • We are participants of the statewide Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.
    • We are participants of the countywide Tarrant Baptist Association.
    • We practice local missions by engaging the people in and around Arlington with the gospel of Jesus Christ:
    • Active ministry to children and youth (Sundays, Wednesdays, Events)
    • Sponsoring 4 Crime Watch Zones one mile surrounding our church and 4 other groups south of I-20
    • Weekly worship and Bible Study
    • Lifestyle witnessing and outreach by individual members
    • Periodic events and other ministries

7.    Christ-Centered ~ “It’s all about Jesus and what Jesus is all about”